“Classical Guitar”, Great Britain

… Technical brilliance, however, is just one facet of Michael Goldort’s extraordinary talent, for he is first and foremost a master communicator. Even in the relatively modest Purcell arrangements, he presents the music as if it were the finest set of miniatures the baroque has to offer. Elaborate yet seemingly spontaneous ornamentation is everywhere, and the slight damping of the strings in the Almand and the Corant adds yet another dimension to what was already a quite breathtaking interpretation. Debussy’s first Arabesque handled with style and sophistication, and Goldort’s account of Rodrigo’s curiously under-rated Sonata Giocosa shows once again that his Spanish fire is not the exclusive province of the Spanish.

 Guitar festival in Lambah (Austria).

… Michael Goldort takes part in this festival as guitarist–virtuoso and does it very adequately. He has brilliance technical but doesn’t forget about a contents of a music.

  “A musician by god’s favour”. Alma – Ata (Kazakhstan)

 …The artist’s exclusive expressiveness, elegant tact and his not trying /deliberately/ to make the audience burst   into enthusiastic applause by bravura, final cords were also striking. Whatever tune was born, whatever music M.Goldort played – rondo, arabesque, variations – each one marked by its wholeness and appeared to be a great chamber masterpiece.   

“There was a profound silence in the hall”, Novosibirsk (Russia)

 …Both God’s gift and great self-discipline, as well as his boundless love for the guitar, have met in one person.


Mit weichem Anschlag

… Gleich zu Beginn des Konzertes improvisierte er eindrucksvoll und ausführlich über ein Thema aus Christoph Willibald Glucks Oper „Orfeo und Eurydike“.  Sehr melodiös und mit weichem Anschlag, dabei mit einigen wenigen energischen Akkorden Akzente setzend, gab er einen Vorgeschmack aus das noch Kommende: Romantische Stücke von Tschaikowskij oder Tarrega, wobei er die Melodienlinien erfreulicherweise frei von pathetischer Überhöhung hielt.

“The magic sound of his guitar”. Novosibirsk (Russia)

 …The Guitarist’s repertoire comprises music of different epochs and styles from Renaissance up to the modern days. Michael has an individual style and manner, characterized by soft lyricism expres-sive dynamism and clear articulation that have come into being owing to his excellent technique.