Michael Goldort


Born in 1966, Michael Goldort grew up in Novosibirsk, the third largest city in Russia and the central main Siberian city. He found early access to classical music.

Besides the seven state theaters of Novosibirsk, the Academic Opern- and Ballet-Theater, well-known across all borders, inspired him for his passion for opera and ballet. As a student of the Glinka State Conservatory, he Made a name for himself at the national and international level at the age of 20 as ‘one of the most virtuosic guitar players in Russia’ (quoted by Alvaro Pierri) with performances at national and international prestigious festivals in Austria, Italy, Serbia and Germany.He was invited by Alvaro Pierri in Canada, where unluckily he was not allowed to go.

From 1989 he regularly performed solo recitals at home and abroad and went on tours of Austria, Italy, Serbia and Spain. He was accompanied by symphony orchestras of the cities of Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Kiev. In 1991, after completing his studies, he became assistant to Professor Alexander Frautschi at the Moscow Conservatory. He was a lecturer in guitar at the Glinka State Conservatory in 1993-1996, and from 1996 to the University of Saint Petersburg. Under his leadership, Masterclasses, seminars and concerts took place with international participants.

Many of his own transcriptions for guitar, especially known operas by composers such as Rossini and Bizet, have been published on CD. In 1994 he recorded his first solo CD with his own transcriptions on works by Debussy and Purcell.

His second CD, devoted exclusively to Spanish composers, was honored by the Classical Guitar Magazine in 1996 as a masterpiece with incomparable artistic and technical skills. To express his worship, the well-known English composer John Duarte dedicated him his composition “Lirique Valse” (2000).

In addition to a broad repertoire of original compositions for guitar from all epochs, his own transcriptions of Mozart, Purcell, Debussy, Strawinsky, Chopin as well as fantasies to the operatic themes of Gluck, Verdi, Bizet, Purcell and Rossini are on his schedule. Today he lives and works in Cologne.

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